How to Secure a Visa into UAE

When you think of the UAE, the stunning skyline of Dubai, the opulence of Abu Dhabi, and the rich culture of Sharjah might come to mind. But did you know that the UAE is also a melting pot of expats from around the globe? Whether you’re seeking adventure, career opportunities, or even a chance to meet the love of your life, the UAE could be your next destination. But first, let’s understand how you can secure a visa to this beautiful nation.

Types of Entry Permits

Your purpose for visiting dictates the type of permit you’ll need:
– Tourism
– Visit
– Transit
– Work

Entry Permit Requirements

1. A sponsor is essential. This could be:
– An Emirati citizen
– A resident with a valid UAE residency permit
– A UAE-based airline, hotel, tour agent, government entity, or company in the private sector/free zones.

2. Hold a genuine passport, valid for at least six months.

3. Ensure you’ve not been banned or deported from the UAE. If so, you’ll need special permission to re-enter.

UAE Residence Visa

The UAE residence visa allows expatriates to reside in the UAE for extended periods. It can be valid for two, three, five, or even ten years, and can be renewed as needed.

Ways to Obtain UAE Residency

– Set up a business in the UAE.
– Apply for a Work, Freelance, Family, Golden, Silver, Green, or Retiree visa.
– Enroll in a UAE-based educational institution.
– Purchase property worth a minimum of 1 million AED.

Benefits of UAE Residency

A UAE residency permit allows for permanent living in the UAE or regular visits, especially beneficial for nationals who need a visa to enter.

Maintenance and Renewal

Ensure you re-enter the UAE every six months to keep your visa active. Renewing is often simpler than the initial application.

Visa Cancellation

Your visa’s sponsor is usually responsible for its cancellation. Ensure you follow the right procedure whether you’re in or out of the UAE during this process.

Long-Term Visas

The UAE offers various long-term visas, like the Investor, Entrepreneur, Special Talent, Golden, and Retirement visas. These are designed to attract talent and investment, providing stability for residents.

Where to Reside in the UAE?

While your visa might belong to a specific Emirate, you can choose to live anywhere in the UAE. Yet, certain services might be restricted to the issuing Emirate.

UAE Green Visa: Overview

Introduced in 2022, the Green Visa bolsters the UAE’s appeal for global talent. Sometimes referred to as the “UAE Silver Visa”, this permit targets top talent, offering a chance to reside in the UAE for five years without employer or company sponsorship, and the privilege of sponsoring family members.

Benefits of the UAE Green Visa

Independent living and employment: Free from the constraints of specific job or employer ties.
Family sponsorship: Extend the UAE experience to your loved ones.
Long validity period: With a 5-year validity, integrate seamlessly into the UAE culture and society.

Eligibility for the Green Visa

Freelancers and self-employed: They must present a permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, a Bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma, and demonstrate a consistent annual income from self-employment or financial solvency.

Skilled employees: They need a valid employment contract, fitting within the first three occupational levels, holding a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and meeting a minimum monthly salary criterion.

Investors or partners: Approval from the local government and proof of substantial investment is vital.

Applying for the UAE Green Visa

Whether you opt for the online process via the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website or the offline route at the Customer Happiness Centre or Amer Service Centre, the application is systematic. Depending on your current status, additional steps like acquiring entry permits, changing visa status, or undergoing medical tests may be needed.

In conclusion, the UAE is not just a haven for business and tourism, but also a vibrant place where many expatriates have found friendships, love, and a sense of community. Your journey begins with the right visa. Welcome to the UAE!