Decoding Dating Vocabulary: A Not-So-Serious A-Z Guide

In the ever-evolving world of dating, staying up-to-date with the latest lingo can feel like learning a whole new language. But fear not, love-seekers! We’ve got your back with this A-Z guide of some common, amusing, and downright baffling terms used in today’s dating world.

A: Asexual

Someone who has little to no sexual attraction to anyone, regardless of gender or appearance. They can still form romantic relationships and aren’t necessarily ‘Sworn Members of the Celibacy Club’!

B: Breadcrumbing

The digital-age version of Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb trail, but far less innocent. This is when someone leads you on with sporadic messages, providing just enough attention to keep you interested, without ever committing to anything.

C: Catfishing

This isn’t about going out to catch some finned friends! In the dating world, catfishing refers to when someone creates a fake identity or profile online in order to trick someone into a relationship. Remember, if they look like a Hollywood star and their backstory sounds like a blockbuster, proceed with caution!

D: Demisexual

Those who only experience sexual attraction after forming a deep emotional bond. It’s not about playing hard to get; it’s just how they roll!

E: Extra

A term for someone who’s over-the-top or trying too hard. They’re not just bringing roses on a first date, they’re delivering an entire botanical garden.


Standing for ‘Facebook Official’. This is the modern-day equivalent of shouting from the rooftops that you’re in a relationship. A status isn’t always needed, but it’s nice to be proud of who you’re with.


In dating, GFE stands for ‘Girlfriend Experience’. It suggests more than just a date; it’s about companionship, intimacy, and the warmth of being in a relationship.

H: Haunting

When someone who ghosted you (suddenly disappeared without explanation) comes back from the dating dead and likes an Instagram photo or views your Snapchat story. Spooky!


Stands for ‘In Real Life’. This term differentiates between the digital world and face-to-face interactions. Remember when people used to meet IRL before they connected online? Good times!


The Joy Of Missing Out – when you’re perfectly content staying in, snuggled up with Netflix, while others engage in the dating battlefield.

K: Kittenfishing

The younger, less severe sibling of catfishing. This is when someone portrays themselves in an unrealistically positive light. Think Photoshop wizardry or bending the truth about job titles.

L: Love Bombing

When someone showers you with affection and gifts early in the relationship as a manipulation tactic. It might feel good to be worshipped, but remember – love isn’t about grand gestures alone!

M: Microcheating

Minor, seemingly insignificant actions that breed trust issues, like frequently liking an ex’s social media posts. Not quite ‘caught in the act’, but might make you raise an eyebrow.

N: Non-binary

People who identify as non-binary do not categorize themselves as strictly male or female. They’re smashing the gender binary and reminding us that identity is as fluid as the sea.

O: Orbiting

Similar to haunting, orbiting refers to someone keeping a ‘social media’ distance, watching your Instagram stories or liking your posts, but never engaging in conversation.

P: Pansexual

Those who are attracted to people regardless of their gender identity. Think of it as ‘hearts not parts’.

Q: Queer

A broad term for anyone who isn’t heterosexual or cisgender. It’s been reclaimed by the LGBTQ+ community as an empowering and all-encompassing label.

R: R-bombing

When someone reads your message but doesn’t respond. A modern phenomenon that can feel as disheartening as being stood up.

S: Situationship

A relationship that’s more than casual dating but less than being in a committed relationship. It’s complicated, without officially being “It’s Complicated”.

T: Thirsty

Someone who is overly eager or desperate for attention, romantic or otherwise. Remember, no one likes a clinger!

U: Unicorn

A bisexual person, usually a woman, who is willing to join an existing couple in a relationship or in bed. Remember, unicorns are rare, beautiful creatures, so treat them with respect!

V: Vulturing

Circling a potential love interest while they’re in a relationship and swooping in as soon as they’re single. Not the most respectful way to find love!

W: Wokefishing

When a person pretends to hold progressive views to attract a partner. It’s all about actions, not just coffee-shop chat about your favorite environmental charities!

X: X-Factor

The mysterious, undefinable element that makes you attracted to someone. Not everyone has it, but when they do, it’s almost magical!

Y: You-turn

When you completely change your mind about someone or lose interest after initially being attracted. It’s the dating equivalent of “Sorry, I think I took a wrong turn”.

Z: Zombieing

When someone who ghosted you returns as if back from the dead, often with a casual “Hey, how have you been?” text. Oh, the horror!

Dating can be confusing, but we hope our quirky A-Z guide makes it a little less so. Whether you’re a demisexual unicorn or just extra, remember, the most important thing is to be yourself and respect others for who they are.