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THE APPOINTMENTS ARE TAKEN 1H IN ADVANCE And I am always available 24 / 24H Hi this is eva I receive and I move. My photos are 100% real. Presentation : My body is like a piano, the fingers must be agile, caressing the keys, playing andante then allegretto, respecting pauses and sighs; if you are an artist, I would answer you with the most beautiful melody there is and harmony will be present! ' I like and I know well the men (and also the women lol), my knowledge say sparkling and naughty to me. Break the boredom, class accompanist I will transform your fantas * es into a waking dream, a kind of thousand and one days with the fragrance of jaspin tea with a taste of honey. If you feel like it, come and join me in my bachelor apartment, a soft cocoon with dim lights. If you are traveling, I would go to your hotel. I could cuddle you in my lair - a temple of desire -. Libertine, I will introduce you to the refinement of pleasure in the rough. A threesome, doll, distinguished companion, authoritarian mistress, spicy birthday, swinger, I would adapt to your fantasies in a secret between you and me. After all, we all have our dreams, I simply suggest that you realize them 'Carpe diem'.   So after reading my ad, it's simple leave me a message on my email to confirm your appointment. E-mail: (, whatsapp or sms at 0756803095 But above all I would like to know in which corner you lived. Because I'm not far away. Pauline Eva ************

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