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Updated: Oct 10, 2019 05:15

It may seem presumptuous, but I have a feeling I know what you’re looking for: A woman who knows herself. A woman who wastes no time or energy in constructing a caricature of a companion. You’re looking for truth, for the unfeigned and absolute. As close to that as you can see with your eyes and feel with your fingers. And what am I looking for? I don’t doubt that you may already have guessed: A man who knows that true confidence communicates as a whisper, not a shout. With no time for posturing or masquerading, he doesn’t just follow trends, but decides his own. Should your own path collide with mine, the territories we shall traverse together will be boundless. I’m based in my home city of London, but tend to call home ‘wherever life takes me’. I’d describe myself as a proud switch, somebody who has a comprehensive understanding of her own kinks and passions. I’m someone who relishes in these decadencies, yet who also finds great satisfaction in the seemingly regular. Whether it is the deeper pleasures of the flesh you seek, the exquisite comfort of a head on your shoulder as the plane takes off, or both of these things at once: the world is our oyster.

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Companionship rates:
1 hour rate 550 USD
2 hours rate 1000 USD
3 hours rate 1400 USD
full night rate 4000 USD
My details:
Weight:7.5 stone

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