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Typical Self-absorbed Millenial


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Updated: Aug 05, 2020 06:43

During uni, I did a summer course in Spain and spent the next year starting every conversation with 'When I was living in... Bahr-the-lona'. I use my zodiac sign to justify my personal shortcomings. Which is SUCH a Capricorn thing to do. Definitely going to spend a good portion of our date trying to get you to invest in my startup. It's Tinder for animals. We connect dogs to cats on the blockchain. We're at the seed stage now but we, like, definitely have the potential to be the next Uber so you should totally get in on the ground floor. I use 'literally' when I mean 'figuratively', and I say it literally all the time. I'm a vegan. I say it's for ethical reasons but it's mostly so I can feel morally superior to you. I do yoga so that I can take pictures of myself looking cute in yoga pants and post them to Instagram with vague, psuedo-intellectual captions. Did I mention I'm vegan? If you didn't hate reading that, you'll hate hanging out with me even less. I can guarantee you'll have an at least above average experience. www.misskayinhk.com

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Companionship rates:
1 hour rate 500 USD
2 hours rate 900 USD
3 hours rate 1100 USD
full night rate 2300 USD
My details:
Weight:62 kg
Hair:Curly Black

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